Take Apart Your Computer - Workshop at Sudharsanam Vidyaashram CBSE school


S. A. Engineering College ACM-W Chapter successfully organized the Networking event “TAKE APART YOUR COMPUTER” in Sudharsanam Vidyaashram, Chennai, India on 23rd March 2016. The event was organized by the Networking team of S.A.Engineering College along with few graduate student volunteers who helped the school students explore the inside of a computer The session had participation from 25 sixth standard students and 20 seventh standard students who were explained how to dismantle the CPU and assemble the CPU components. The participants were grouped into teams and the teams were educated with all the components of the computer system with its purpose.The organizing team was able to witness the enthusiasm of students in learning new things and the active participation of the school students in the event that gave them a new perspective about computer.

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Mrs. D. Vinodha
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering